Battling homelessness and depression was bound to take a toll on my body, and lately I’ve been feeling the results. I feel like Humpty Dumpty, taken a fall down- rolled far away from where he’s from with a scrambled mind and a broken head.

I’m currently rerouting- I am no stranger to plans falling a part, or reinventing myself.
But This time, I have to do it right. So, I’m pulling along the side of the road, looking at the pieces I have and remaking myself, so that the rest of my journey will be better.

It almost hurts me to say I’m rerouting my destination and re-scraping my plans- because I already felt that I was behind and I couldn’t afford any more obstacles, but I cannot continue the way I am. I need to be better and get better.


WWAD? What Would America Do?

Sundays are days I go run the errands I could not run alone with The Boyfriend.
It involves with several stops such as the water store to refill, groceries and with the occasional visits to the laundry mat. Inbetween our task list, we often go off tangent, distracted by brunch cafes and donut shops. Its a fun day where The Boyfriend and I can almost pretend that Monday is right around the corner.

This Sunday, something happened in the middle of our errand running adventure.

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The Last Letter/The DOPE Spot

This weekend I was invited to a live recording of TheLast Letter Podcast. TheLast Letter is actually another local artist that goes by the name Z. (Did you have the “ah-ha” moment yet?) Her podcast was on Sunday morning in Pomona, at The DOPE Spot Studios.

And there on my Sunday morning, armed with coffee and a 7/11 cream cheese pound cake I made my way into the studio to be introduced to so many other fantastic artists, who to my relief was just as sleepy and tired as me.

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The Alley Gallery/ The UNITY PROJECT

In the same JP Group building that holds Fadeaway, a barber shop- and Mi Cafecito, at the end of Main St. in Downtown Pomona there is a little corner art gallery that goes by the name, The Alley Gallery. (Their instagram right, here. Their Yelp, right here)

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Love A Fair: Pomona, California- Home of The Los Angeles County Fair and The dA Center for the Arts.

Taken by Jason LaMotte. Depicting previous vintage Los Angeles County Fair flags which also represent Pomona and its rich agriculture at the time.

The last Saturday of August and it felt like summer was beginning to make its transition into autumn. With my homemade pie in hand I walked into The dA Center for the Arts in downtown Pomona for the Love A Fair show. Just in time before The Los Angeles County Fair takes place just several miles down the road at The Fairplex. The exhibit has been up for a little over two weeks. On August 27th the show had a pie and flower arrangement contest. The dA’s own little fair contest, of which I entered. I had made a custard peach pie which I had topped with a buttery crumble- and named, August Pie. I did not place, but I enjoyed meeting the other competitors, sharing baking stories and ideas alike. The show and its attendees were proof that Pomona is a thriving community, with people who still care and remembers her history.

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Tides, poem by Bokyung June (BEACH AND POOL MEMORIES Poetry and Prose Series) — Silver Birch Press

Tides by Bokyung June Let me find love like the ocean. Foam laced waves folding gently envelope me into a silk embrace. Love, be the waves and I the shore return to me, always. At night the tide stronger forcing me to hold on stronger onto love like the ocean. AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: The first time […]

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