Turner’s Outdoorsman, Sunday Morning After the Orlando Shooting.

note: this are just my observations. the letter i will always be lower cased  due to the informal nature of this entry.


i was nervous to walk in to the nearest Turner’s Outdoorsman with my boy friend on Sunday Morning, an hour after hearing from my roommate- her teary words informing me:


A Dragon Rises From A Small Pond


There is a Korean idiom, it goes something like:

A dragon rising from a small pond.

It means, from some where as small and desolate, a dragon emerges.
My brother has proven to be that dragon.

My brother and I are nine years apart but he has always been someone I can speak with in a deep level. Whether it is about pizza, the difference and similarities in Punk Rock and Jazz or life after death.

He has been my rock since the death of our mother and he has been the life holding me together when our father betrayed us. And he never broke down in the time we were homeless. In the end he has grown into a young man brimming with so much love, passion, skill and talent. He wants to change the world, and he is going to. I know it.


I love him, and I am so proud. I can ask for nothing more.



Brother Friend

FullSizeRenderTomorrow this man graduates from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Theater arts. Jessie Robertson is such a special person. He is not only a massive talent, but he is one of the most humble person I know. In the last two years he has become a close friend and a great inspiration to me. So many people helped me along the way when I was homeless. Jessie was one of the few people that had been my friend from the beginning of my homelessness, and he was one of my greatest supporters. To me he is a beloved colluge, friend and brother.

CONGRATULATIONS, JESSIE! Praying that only the best comes your way. I love you, man. Continue reading

For Four Hundred Dollars

My boy and I bought a bed last Sunday
on the drive back to our barren apartment he asked,

you happy, babe? you’ve now got a bed
i told him yes
and i was.

Last night he handed me a knife,

you cut it open
i did and after we laid our sheets on top and laid on it, i couldn’t
convey the fact that I own a bed, first time in five years. I could not
sleep on it- instead, i went to the bathroom and